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MBA Pathshala is the best coaching institute for CAT preparation in Borivali with a personalized roadmap for students. Join the super-30 batch
MBAP provides the most advanced training program for XAT exam preparation. Ace the XAT with the top-rated mock test series and video tutorials.
Ideally giving daily topic wise mocks is a good way to prepare. But section wise mocks and fully fledged mocks similar to CAT that top CAT coaching institutes in Mumbai like MBAP Education and their successful CAT classes provide are equally important. Apart from 180 minutes of CAT Mocks, you also need next 2 – 3 hours for its analysis. So, if you are planning to give full 3 hours of 50-60 mocks, you must have 15 days well reserved only for them. Needless to say that the number of mocks you give, the better result you can expect provided you properly take corrective measures as and when requir
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So if a person follows the first course of action i.e. self-study for CAT exam, one needs to be self-disciplined, should possess the proper study material and should devote enough time every day to ensure a good percentile in CAT, which is a tough task considering the additional responsibilities or work pressure.
Receiving professional help from a CAT training institute may have the following benefits:
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